Ops Stories Labs

Ops Stories Labs

We are building Ops Stories WITH our members, FOR our members.


Ops Stories Labs is a space where anyone can set up and develop their own projects for the benefit of the wider community. Ops Stories is a community full of ideas and energy. It is impossible for us as organisers to take on all the projects originating from everyone's ideas, but we are keen to help YOU set them up, own them, and run with them. We will support you as much as we can along the way.

YOUR Commitment

If you want to initiate Ops Stories Labs project, you agree to be in charge and take full responsibility for it.

1. Come up with project brief/proposal

  • Goals and objectives
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Timeline
  • Budget (if needed)

2. Get support from the community

  • We recommend that at least two people work on the same project, who will support one another.
  • Get in touch with Aušrinė and Astrid to:
    • Let them know what support you need (if you're looking for someone else to join you, we'll help to find them!)
    • Check in on how your project fits in with other Ops Stories initiatives and if there's anything you need to be aware of before launching

3. Run with it!

  • Launch the project, monitor it, do whatever you have to for it to be a success 🚀

4. Ensure the continuity

  • Evaluate every 6 months and have a handover plan in place in case you no longer want to lead on this project.

OUR Commitment

Don't worry - we're with you all the way, you're not alone in this. We are here to help you and make sure that the project is a success.

  • You'll become a part of our Core Team (everyone who runs an Ops Stories project).
  • We will have regular catch-ups for support and accountability. (Core Team usually meets once a quarter, but you'll be able to have as many check-ins with Astrid and/or Aušrinė as you need!)
  • We will help you find people to join in on running your project if you need more hands on deck.
  • We will help secure sponsorship for your project if needed.
  • Anything else you need for your project!

Passing on the Project

No one should feel burdened by a project they can no longer run. We'll help you find someone else to take on the project or we'll help you to wrap it up.

Ops Stories Labs Projects

Compensation Survey (initiated by Laura Parker, now run by Alex D'Annunzio)

Book Club (initiated and run by Laura Parker)

Blog (initiated by Victoria Lloyd, now run by Penny Penati and co)

Customer Operations chapter (initiated and run by Ania Futrzyk)

Monthly Roundup (Marianne Pearson, Ilaria Barbon, Krishna Halai, Sarah Touzani)

Membership Directory (Jie Low, Laura Reid)

New Member Onboarding (Jie Low, Laura Reid)

Boulder Startup Week (Alex D'Annunzio, Rendl Clark)

Project 121 (Laura Reid, Michael Strange)

Compensation Survey 2020