Do you have a question that's not answered below? Please let us know. Add a comment here, send Astrid and/or Aušrinė a message on Slack, or drop us an email. We'll make sure to address it as soon as we can.

Getting to know the community

How do I know who's in the community?

  • Currently, the best way to find out who's in the community is by exploring the member directory on Slack. You can also have a browse on the #intros channel on Slack.
  • You can find some of Ops Stories members on LinkedIn if they have added the community to their experience. Click here to see everyone who has. Also, please add Ops Stories to your LinkedIn profile! It will make it easier for others to find you. See here how to do that.
  • We are working on a proper Members Directory so keep your 👀 peeled, it's coming soon! 🔜

How do I add Ops Stories to my LinkedIn?

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile, scroll down to "Experience" and select the "+" symbol.
  2. In the pop-up modal, find "Ops Stories" as the Company and "Member" as title, and add the description below: "Ops Stories is a private, invitation-only community of operations folks from startups to scale-ups across different industries."
  3. To find out the date you joined the community you can search "ops-stories+noreply@googlegroups.com” in your email to find your original Google group invitation. Alternatively, just ping a message to Astrid or Aušrinė on Slack or via email and we'll let you know 🙂

Getting answers that you need

How do I share a question on Slack to ensure I get more responses?

  • If possible, ask during working hours. Questions asked on Friday evenings or weekend don't tend to get many responses.
  • Be clear, concise and as explicit as possible.
  • Using appealing visuals helps too e.g. bolding the main question or adding an emoji for emphasis.
  • Use the right channels (e.g. #finance for finance related questions, etc.)
  • Give an example of what you're looking for if possible

Spreading the word about Ops Stories

How do I refer/introduce someone to Ops Stories?

If you'd like to refer someone to join Ops Stories, please send them the Airtable form to fill in and Astrid and Aušrinė will take it from there.

What we're looking for in new members:

  • Their main responsibility is operations. It will usually be reflected in the job title (e.g. Head of Operations, Operations Manager, Operations Lead, COO), however, it may sometimes be disguised under titles like Business Change Manager, Special Projects, Head of Supply, etc.
  • They will gain value from being part of the community and are also willing to contribute.
  • They have 3+ years of work experience. This doesn't have to be in operations.

Our current process is:

  • Astrid or Aušrinė jump on a quick phone call with them to align on expectations. We'll tell them more about how Ops Stories work and also ask about their operations journey so far, and their expectations from the community, why they'd like to join and how they're willing to contribute.
  • They're welcomed to Ops Stories :)
  • Sometimes, however, we have to let people down in this case, we would direct them to a community that would deliver more value for them than Ops Stories. This is usually the case for folks who focus more on one area, e.g. People Operations (>> People Stories), Customer Success (>> Customer Stories), Office Management (>> OMG), Founder/CEO responsibilities (>> Foundrs), etc.
  • Please don't add people directly to the Ops Stories Slack. That functionality has been disabled.

Someone's reached out to me on LinkedIn or elsewhere and wants to join Ops Stories. What do I do?

See "How to join" here. If you don't know them well, the simplest way is to ask them to send an email to hello@opsstories.com.

Can someone outside Ops Stories join an event they might find interesting?

  • Our roundtable events are normally reserved for Ops Stories community members, however, sometimes we might welcome guests. If you think that the person in question will be able to contribute to the event by actively participating in the discussion, asking insightful questions and/or sharing their knowledge, we don't see why not.
  • Please let us know before extending the invitation so we can prepare to properly welcome them!


❓ I can't join an event, will it be recorded?

Our events usually aren't recorded, but we always try to keep notes on the most important things that we discussed. You can find historical events and there notes here

❓The topic of the upcoming event would be interesting to a colleague, can they join?

Absolutely, we always encourage our ops members to share our content with their colleagues. Just let us know about it ahead of time and ensure they have rsvp'ed to the event.

Changing your details

How do I change the email address I'm using for Ops Stories?

For Slack: you can change your email address yourself by following the steps described in this article here.

For email: get in touch with us by email or ping Astrid or Aušrinė on Slack and we'll do it for you 🙂


❓ Which Slack channel should I use for what?

Our Slack channels recently got reorganised and we're now working on a proper guide so stay tuned. However, it's really not rocket science - each channel has a description on what it's for. If you're unsure, just chuck it in #general 🙂