Roundtables are the preferred format for Ops Stories events. We are huge believers in learning from each other's experience and knowledge via discussions in small or large groups, 1:1s and social settings. We also want to provide everyone in the community different formats for problem solving, information sharing and networking. On top of discussions and connecting on Slack, we think that informal roundtables are the next best thing 🙂 All Ops Stories roundtables are organised by our community members (with the support of Ops Stories organising team). This means that YOU can organise one too! If you'd like to organise a roundtable, get in touch with us on or DM Astrid and/or Aušrinė on Slack. To see the list of all our past and upcoming roundtables, check out our Events Calendar.

Hosting a roundtable: FAQs.

Who can host a roundtable?

Any Ops Stories member. That includes you! 💪

What does it take to host a roundtable?

To organise a roundtable, you must have:

  • A topic that you'd like to discuss.
  • 20 minutes to think about / write down your topic & questions and pass them on to Ops Stories organising team who'll set up the event page and share it with the community.
  • 1.5 hour for the actual discussion.

Why should I host a roundtable?

You should organise a roundtable if/when:

  • You've got a challenge / issue on your hands that you'd like others' input and advice on.
  • You have a more "philosophical" topic that you'd like to dive into.
  • You think that a particular topic is super important to discuss and would like to hear everyone else's opinions.
  • You want to meet people in similar industry, business model, circumstance or situation.
  • (There's probably a million other good reasons!)

What can I host a roundtable on?

  • Any topic related to operations (you've got a vast choice as ops can cover pretty much everything!), personal/professional growth, etc. Because you're an Ops Stories member, if a particular topic is interesting to you, most likely you'll find that many other members will take an interest in it too.
  • The more narrow the topic, the more defined and helpful will be the conversation. E.g., "How to pick the right CRM for a SaaS business". However, this shouldn't prevent you from bringing the topics that are more broad, e.g. "Overcoming the biggest challenges in marketplace operations".
  • For inspiration, check out our Events Calendar to see the topics of our previous roundtables.

Who normally attends and what's the format?

  • Depending on the topic, we usually have 10-30 attendees.
  • The most usual format is: whoever brings the discussion topic is called "the host" and will kick off the discussion by making a short 3 minute introduction to themselves and the topic they'd like to discuss. Then, we split up into smaller discussion groups (4-5 people each) to discuss for the next hour or so. For the last 20 minutes of the event, we come back together and each smaller group shares their takeaways with everyone else. That's pretty much it!
  • Having said that, there's no fixed standard format - this is your session and you can run it in whatever format you'd like. Be creative!

What's a successful roundtable?

  • If, at the end of the roundtable, you feel like your question was answered and you're leaving with a solution or a couple of actions to apply, we consider it a success 🎉
  • Clear next steps. Are there any actions that we can put together as a group to tackle the issue/topic at hand?

You decided to host a roundtable. Awesomeness! 🤗 What's next?


  • Pick a topic.
  • Think of a few questions that you'd like to tackle during the discussion. 3-4 questions are normally sufficient.
  • Pick a date. 3-12 weeks from now, starting at 8:00AM or 6:30PM UK time. Ideally, it should be on a week that doesn't have any other Ops Stories events (check our Events Calendar for a live view on what's coming up).
  • Let Ops Stories organisers know what's your topic, date/time and send us your questions. This is the format the event will be presented to everyone. Send us a short paragraph on the topic and the questions you'd like to include. DM Astrid and/or Aušrinė on Slack or email Check some previous roundtables for inspiration. Also let us know if you'd like to stick to the regular format or do you have something else in mind!
  • We will set up your event on Luma and send you the link for any changes / your final approval. We will be adding you as a co-host to the event so you can see the data, registrations and feedback in the real time if you're interested. NB: Luma is like Eventbrite, just better for our use case 😉
  • We will share your event with the community at least 2 weeks before the date of the event. You don't need to do anything :) We'll make sure that everyone has a Zoom link and know where to make notes relevant to the event.
  • We will send you and all attendees a Notion page open to edits, where everyone can start adding their notes and comments ahead of the session.

During the event

  • Aušrinė and/or Astrid will be there to help you welcome everyone, give you a sign when to kick-off, split everyone into breakout rooms, and keep it to the schedule.
  • At the beginning, we'll ask you to introduce yourself and the topic (~3 mins), and what you're looking to get out of the session.
  • We'll then split everyone into breakout rooms for discussion in groups of 4-5 people (or not, if you're going with a different format). You will be assigned to one of the breakout rooms to discuss your own topic and will be expected to moderate your small group's discussion / keep it on track.
  • 20-30 minutes before the end of the roundtable, we'll call everyone back to the main room to share their learnings.
  • We'll probably ask if you have any final words or remarks too.
  • It's a wrap! 🌯

After the event

  • That's it! You're done! Thank you so much for being the awesome host that you most definitely were 💪
  • Totally up to you, but if you'd like to do anything else with roundtable's content (e.g. write a blog post, etc.) please feel free to 🙂

Roundtable format:


Here are some examples of previous roundtables: - How to make the hybrid workplace work? - How to pick your battles when there are little fires everywhere? - How to make the move from firefighting to strategy? This is the most regular format of a roundtable, but we've had multiple variations. So if you want to be creative and try out something else, it's all yours!

Welcome to yet another Ops Stories roundtable. Every now and then, we put our heads together to dive into an operational topic presented to us by one of our community members. The format is simple and informal - we start with quick intros, the host presents the topic and shares a couple of questions, and then we discuss.

This time, the topic is brought and conversation facilitated by YOUR NAME, YOUR TITLE at YOUR COMPANY. We’ll be talking about YOUR TOPIC.


🤔 Some questions we’ll be tackling:


⏰ Agenda:

7:55 - 8:00 am - "arrive" online

8:00 - 8:10 am - opening and introduction to the host and topic

8:10 - 9:00 am - discussion

9:00 - 9:30 am - regroup and align on session outputs

🥐 Please feel free to bring your breakfast and consume it during the discussion. See you soon! ☕️