Book Club in a Box

Book Club in a Box


Thank you for agreeing to host an Ops Stories Book Club! 🎉 All you need is below and the Ops Stories Team are always around to support you or answer any questions.

The Role of the Host

  • Some light organising ahead of and after the book-club (see below)
  • Facilitate discussion for the group around the topic of the book.
  • Bring quieter attendees into the discussion and kickstart any lulls in conversation with some pre-prepped talking points.
  • Enjoy! 😉

I want to host a book club, what happens now?

  1. Post on the #06_read-learn-listen slack channel the book you want to host a book club on and ask if anyone is interested in joining.
    1. It is helpful to share why you like the book and want to discuss it.
    2. It can be after you have read it, during or even before, just give enough time for you and others to read the book before the book club.
  2. Agree with those interested a date and time (standard time is 6:30pm -8:30pm on video conference but you can pick any time that suits.)
  3. Share these details with @Aušrinė Keršanskaitė so she can create the Luma page and share them with you
  4. You then can to share the details with wider Ops Stories members by posting on the #events-internal and#06_read-learn-listen Slack channels.
    1. Share why you have picked this book and why others should read it and join.
    2. It is best to send this out ASAP to give people enough time to sign up, buy and read the book.
  5. You may want to send some reminders as we get closer to the event as a nudge for those who forgotten to sign up.
  6. Do any prep you need to for hosting the book club (see the tips below).
  7. Host an awesome book club 😁. Someone from the Ops Stories team might join to take notes to add to the Ops Stories Notion.
  8. Complete the Book Club Hosting Feedback form

Top Tips for Hosting a Book Club

  • There is no 'right' way to host an Ops Stories Book Club, each one is different with the host putting their own style on it.
  • It is helpful to think of some questions related to the book to help kickstart conversations. You may want to send these around to attendees beforehand or just have them to hand during the session.
  • Some hosts like to put a little more structure around the book clubs and run them more like a workshop with slides and themes for discussion. This can work really well. For example:
  • 201122a_Ops Stores Book Club_Drive.pdf108.0KB
    The Smartest Guys in the Room.pdf7377.8KB
  • The conversation may drift onto topics not directly related to the book, this is fine. It is up to you if you are happy for conversation to flow anywhere or if you want to bring it back to the topics of the book.

Possible Agenda

18:30 - 18:35 - Get everyone organised (you might want to split into 2 groups if there are more than 6 people) 18:35 - 18:45 - Host introduces themself, the book club and the ground rules. Everyone introduces themselves (1 sentence) and a book-related statement (why they picked up the book, what they wanted to get out of the book, a particular point they want to discuss today) 18:45 - 19:55 - General discussion around the theme of the book. 19:55 - 20:00 - Summary of discussion (can be a host summary or everyone states their key takeaway or action they are committing to). Thank yous and feedback reminder.


1. Book Club Announcement template
2. Book Club Reminder