Selling and Decision Making with Remote Customers

Nicholas’ questions:

  • In today's remote world, has anyone settled into a new pre-sales/ sales routine for B2B?
  • How are you replacing the F2F meeting? Is it just with a video call?
  • Or are you creating new documentations/ communication methods?
  • Has the decision process from clients been the same? Slower? Faster?

James’ questions

  • Have you had to change your approach when facilitating sales workshops?
  • Are there any specific tools being used to encourage audience participation?


  • How to storytell online? How is it different from storytelling offline when it comes to selling?


  • Currently small appetite for the traditional face to face sales meetings (e.g. in the neutral ground).
  • Some meetings are still held face to face but more of a mix between online/offline.
    • How can you handle meeting F2F on neutral ground with a dial-in?
  • Zoom is effective, but cannot be replaced with f2f. Conversations can be deeper when they’re f2f.
  • When it’s a bigger decision for clients we’re selling to (e.g. working on a retainer, higher volumes/sales involved), f2f meeting might help to build more trust.
  • Beneficial to run webinars, short demonstrations, etc. so that it builds trust.
  • Biggest barrier to online selling is difficulty to establish trust.
  • Some people (depending on generation?) will be resistant to video calls
  • Positives:
    • Sales process being simplified because of the pandemic. E.g. having different stakeholders can make it difficult to meet irl and online meetings can be easier to organise/run.
    • Can cut through all the fluff that you would normally have f2f. You can get straight to the point, it’s quicker. F2f doesn’t allow you to adjust the strategy quite as easily as video calls - you can book in 30 mins, discuss questions, and then come back with solutions next time.
    • We can now sell our product without needing to travel. Pandemic has evened it out for us all. Hopefully it will be for the long term.
  • “Thought of meeting someone to show our demo hasn’t even crossed my mind”.
  • Some of the favourite parts of the meeting is the walk to the meeting room with that person because that’s how you find out how is their day going, what mood they’re in
  • Relationship building is so important - getting to know your client. It’s “not work”, but actually it is.
    • Also give them a choice for a different experience where you don’t need to stare at the screen for a video call; have a phone call whilst the client is on the walk etc.
  • The recollection aspect is tricky - meetings are all on Zoom, it’s hard to remember what day it was on, what everyone said, etc. - there’s nothing else to put it in context

Actual meeting

  • Getting the client to control the screen e.g. when you’re onboarding...but can you really do that in a sales scenario?
  • Webex - video conferencing, pretty horrible UX :)
  • Really difficult to get participation and engagement; it becomes more of a Q&A rather than a discussion
  • Real challenge: how to facilitate it
  • Does the online interaction change the vision/value of the product that we’re trying to sell?
  • Online takes away the sell and focuses more on materials
  • Getting people to warm up a little bit before starting the actual meeting -- try to replace the small-talk. Be a sharer. Have things in the background, reference something.
  • Irl facilitation is much easier. On the screen you have much less feedback. Need to get used to not having that feedback.
  • Zoom workshops/webinars are more nerve wracking, in comparison to irl - even when it comes to your own company meetings...not sure why!
  • Asking everyone to share their screen makes it more interactive (one by one) - that was in a conference setting.


  • Short explainers, Loom videos for how-to. Also:
    • High level intro videos
    • Testimonials: storytelling approach from your customers
    • Ensure consistent storytelling
    • Pre-meeting videos can replace a lot of the presenting and allow the meeting to focus on discussion
  • How to prep clients for the meeting?
    • Powerpoint presentations don’t work as well when it comes to sending…
    • Send a very short, snappy video
    • Beautiful video vs video that’s hitting the right points aren’t the same thing! Focus on content.
  • Get the client in front of the product and get them to use it (share a login) instead of just walking them through
  • Which tools allows you to host a meeting and have the client controlling your screen
  • Send a login before jumping on a call for an account with a dummy information -- you can do the demo at the same time but then you’d lose the expressions on someone’s face

Decision making process

  • Looks like it’s semi-back to normal (new normal? :))


  • It becomes more of a challenge the further you get.
  • Switch to video conferencing can make it easier to screenshare and get the prospect/ user to control the demo which is more engaging


Please contribute and jot down any resources here.

  • Loom
  • Vidyard