Scalable Hiring

Scalable hiring

Aim: have hiring that is really

Main focus: relationship between internal recruiter and hiring manager. If they’re hiring, means that they’re already stretched and hiring is an extra activitiy on an already stretched schedule

Made step by step guide

Challenge to hire part time and working remotely

Happy with: interview part

  • Submit the same questions to everyone
  • Broken to: values, role specific, housekeeping
  • 3 questions under each subsection that must be asked of all candidates
  • Vertical questions (digging more into the question) and horizontal
  • Embedding diversity into job description

Santander internship scheme - has partnership with universities across the UK.

You have more CVs for more junior candidates anyways so…

Tool for engineers - timed link

Sending a task to evaluate for external person or consultant doesn’t work because it reflects poorly on them

Using external recruitment agencies? Some roles can be nuanced in terms of what you’re looking for, it’s not a simple list of deliverables; so in this regard in-house recruiter is much better solution. Questions: 1-10 how you rate yourself on a certain skill.

Apply, phone interview, send a task, 2nd task in case, final stage for cultural values interview - 1 month or 6 weeks long

How not to miss a diamond in the rough out there - good brief ahead of the task (esp creative roles) is super important

Tell the candidate exactly what steps there are in the interview to manage expectations - that forces the hiring manager to stick to what they said and manage expectations with the candidate

Really set those expectations and hold yourself accountable

In early companies, ops roles are both an internal recruiter and hiring manager.

Having one point of contact for all candidates is good

When to start using a proper ATS?

Think about how long it would take the hiring manager training - if it’s 2 weeks cuz it’s too many tools, think about streamlining tools that will take the training less time.

Tool checking job description for female language :)

Look at your existing team and see what complementary skills you need. Important to sit down with the hiring manager and figure out exactly what they need.

Blind CV screening? :) Esp when it comes to the tasks - candidate 1, no look at CV which means no expectation for how they should be doing a specific task, e.g. “they should do it”

Reassessing the job spec continually

People and culture report dashboard tracking how scalable the hiring process is

  • Amount of people that go through various stages
  • Touchpoints during the interview
  • Are they passing probation? What’s the churn?r

Should always be someone in the interview who doesn’t need that hire as a natural gate keeper and a best practice to avoid bias

Grading system: 1-4 at the end of the interview. (Marie) - this is just overall for the role specifically, but not for specific questions. You can’t change the outcome in between