Ops, Product and Anything In-Between

Ops, Product and Anything In-Between


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Rough Agenda

  • Everyone Intro + what brings you to this topic (unstructured thoughts and simple curiosity welcomed 🙂)
  • TBC


Add topics, Qs, ideas that come to mind around this theme here (start with your initials - ex. MP):

  • MP: Ops to Product (what are the overlapping skills, how to make such transition, etc.)
  • Product Ops
  • Overlap
  • next steps

Other comments:

  • Add




  • ops working closely with the Product team → customer facing
  • product operations - collaboration worked super well; but not much inside of how the magic happens behind the curtain of product development
  • Operation Nation initiative & interested in product from that perspective


  • haven't stopped to think much about product
  • hard to define Ops alone but adding a prefix like Product - Product Ops (becomes easier)
  • A lot of Qs and wondering around what is POps etc...
  • Senior Ops Role (helping a founder build a product) - need to understand what the product is


  • gone both sides (Product and Ops)
  • digital product delivery (managing projects)
  • working with clients (setting teams) - generalist roles; MD etc.
  • MedTech start-up - Product Ops role (how do we get these teams working together to deliver product)
  • scrum work - useful
  • The connections are the important part when it comes to any Ops roles (joining the dots)
  • product-centric company (everyone is product)


  • Work closely with CPO
  • support squads on planning and discovery (across multiple verticals)
  • understanding the evolution of that - building a Product Operations Team (team of 1 now)
  • Specialising & hiring for Product Ops
  • what to consider when building this function


  • graphic designer; digital design; Head of Creativity
  • running teams and process
  • UX design & strategies; service design (building design teams)
  • Practices Team (4k people) → optimising for practices
  • Product Ops Team - overarching the whole Product Team (more user centric; more efficient; no repetition) - goal - build a stronger product team
  • meet more Product Ops People

How do you define Product Ops

  • trend adding Ops at the end of disciplines
  • not purely the function, more how do we do this Day to Day
  • joining the dots
  • where does a process need to exist
  • moving the needle

Operations are the real "how"

How do you help the whole company organise your work

well-oiled machine

COO - join things together (on Tech and Product - they can be a bit out of the loop)

lift the carpet - pain-points - what is not working

  • way to show value to the team

Product is being build whether you are there or not - so proving you can save time & money is the value

  • experiment - trying to measure what time is spent on
  • HF: Article LINK
  • ex.: Calendar visibility; default to meetings, etc.
  • mindset change → behaviour changes

Planning cycle - spent a lot of time on it

Different way of operationalising the squads

Get Product to communicate clearly the roadmap and why

Mind shift - more features vs focus

Writing culture - thinking through writing

Spending 2h of thinking - it is valuable work


Manage change

Private vs Public

admitting you don't know something

a lot to overcome

TRUST - goes back to it

Find a group that is doing it well and use them as an example

Culture from the top

Psychological safety (has to come from the Senior Leadership Team)

Talking about change, here's a great book to read: https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Change-Things-When-Hard/dp/0385528752

Middle Management - what of they don;t (if the SLT is but the Middle M doesn't) - transparency etc. → still has to come from the top; they have to keep them accountable; what is really important

  • misalignment of incentives
  • ex. Roadmap (do we accept it is fluid or are we judging them on delivery by a date)

Negative results - celebrating failures

  • rushing through them vs learning
  • war stories event - share war scars
  • Retro (more on team level)

You should do it similarly across the board - so you can compare and have a baseline (delivery vs outcomes)

  • how you measure things across the board
  • anti-patterns

  • Impact metrics
  • solving problems vs revenue etc.

  • com munication and clarity

What will be most useful next:

  • Slack
  • Topics (career ladder; team; scale) → not super frequently
  • resource sharing
  • collect some topics (group people around them)
  • shout out about it
  • speaker?

Aušrinė's notes:

  • "Not a product ops person; was just thrown into it" - Amber
  • "Want to meet more product ops people - there are so many but not enough!" - Hugo
  • "In the early stages, we're building product as we go without knowing what the product management and/or operations is" - Mickey
  • "Didn't know that product operations even exist!" - Mickey
  • "Trend to add 'ops' to the end of everything - design ops, product ops, etc. Marking how we do this vs what we do." - Jon
  • "Lift up the carpet; what's not working at the moment" - Hugo
  • "If over 70% of the time is spent on non-planned work, why do we spend so much time on planning?" - Hugo
  • "People don't protect their time enough." - Hugo
  • "Delivery minded vs outcome driven" - Hugo
  • "Introducing user impact metrics to try and shift the conversation a bit. Get to know your user!" - Hugo
  • "Ops is attached to everything!" - Hugo
  • What does "building a product operations team" mean?
  • How do you operationalise your teams/squads?