Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Notes and observations

  • What does good leadership look like?
  • How do you constantly champion “what good looks like” once you’ve defined it?
  • How do you overcome stress and habits you might have that don’t fit into the “best practice”?

Being brave to take the first step, make the first decision. It’s obvious you’re leading. When you’re all in the dark and unsure, you’re looking at the leader to guide you. Someone has to make that call. There are many different solutions to a problem, pick one and then keep communicating. But it’s exhausting.

The best leaders take their responsibility and are accountable and have integrity. You should take responsibility for your team. If they know that you’re going to do that, your team will trust you.

It felt like a tirade against bankers and the capitalist world. It didn’t feel relevant for start-up people.

As the team grows, where does the leader or founder put his attention? When you’re used to having their attention, but as it’s growing, it’s becoming more difficult. How can you make leaders pay attention to everything they do. → Some of it comes through the core values of the company. Have a framework about how you expect from people and how they interact. That way everyone is reacting in the same way.