Customer Health Scores

Marketing and sales aren’t enough to sustain growth

Customer success is very proactive, differently to customer support

Historically it hasn’t been called customer success - that’s why they

Are we just taking account management and calling it customer success?

Account manager and customer success manager are very different. Account manager is more looking into the revenue, customer success

Skillsets are sessntially the same but CS is looking into the customer experience, metrics, etc.

CS is a mindset rather than a role

Look at CS as outcome

CS is looking cross-teams

Separating from setting the strategy and execution

Metrics is such a key thing. Data shows you so much.

It’s challenging, in the UK is quite a new function, in the US it’s been around for longer

2017 was the year that CS grew up :)

Tracking metrics, you can really see where you’re making progress and where you’re lacking.

Need to split one role in two. Sometimes it can be too big of a job.

One side is more salesy, another is more about the execution.

Hubspot is a little clunky and not easiest; moving to Marketto which syncs easier to Salesforce

Drip campaigns: giving people the bite size chunk information

The more you dig, the more complex problems you find

Before, people had no clue why certain things happened. Because we started looking into the data and asking questions, now it’s easier to narrow down and unpack the problems which then can be solved.


  • NPS score - measure this but not the only thing we should be looking at

Trying to map the customer journey and see where the positive or negative spikes are. Showing a flow…

Map out a customer journey and all the steps - look at the other teams and how they fit in.

Whimsical.com is to replace Lucidchart

Do the journey for the ideal customer AND then for the customer where everything goes wrong for them. So that they can identify everything that could go wrong with them. Building a safety net for those people by looking at the extremes.

Customer health scores and customer mapping.

Customer health score it shouldn’t be a churn indicator. It can be used as this, but it should be a health promoting tool.

How you map it out and how you have a score with each client, and then sharing it with them (?). Not being afraid to share that. E.g. red, yellow or green OR yellow or alphabet (reminds of being at school). What can we do to up it / what can they do to up it?

How do you make sure you’re not stepping on other team’s toes? Where does that get driven from? Put together a process that is fairly generic.

Sharing information with the rest of the team is super important. Start to get people on board caring about the right things.  Work in tandem to get everyone focused on the right thing. It should come from the management top down. Needs to realign.

Who should you be hiring to CS role? It’s operational but it’s also commercial, it needs to be working across the whole team and not being afraid to influence.

Internally if we’re working together, there’s a better outcome for the customer. If we’re being efficient sharing the best practice, that will be a better experience for the cutsomer.

It should be easy if you have a buyin from the rest of the business.

We shouldn’t be selling to certain kinds of people > We should be selling to the right people.

Mindset shift within a team: inheriting a team and realising that they hate the customer. Change how you communicate about the customer within the team.

For commercial people in the business it’s difficult to see the link between what seems to be “expensive” conversations.

Everyone things that they’re customer centric cuz it’s like a buzzword.

Broader vision about the customer…we’re all thinking about the customer but in very different stages.

It’s really difficult to get everyone aligned. So that all teams aren’t all operating in silos.

Do we have any idea of what the end journey looks like? We need to understand what is a good customer…who is the best customer? Cheatsheet on what the ideal customer is.

Guiding principles has been useful. Adding value when treating everyone like individuals. Personalisation is important > not treating every single customer the same. Has done sentiment analysis previously - ask qualitative questions. Tools like Chattermail (?)

Lots of customer insight work is just forgotten and hidden. Very easy to sit on data, but our responsibility to draw insights from it.

Check out Asana instead of Notion?

Is customer success on everyone’s onboarding plan? Spend at least couple of days in a customer facing role. There should be a refresher on that as well. When you see customers as numbers it’s so easy to dehumanise them.

“Existential level why you’re here :)”

Need to have CS metrics automated.

  • “normal experience” - did everything that was supposed to happen actually happen?
  • B2B: if they’re successful with the tools they’re using, that’s good (so measuring by their metrics)
  • NPS
  • response rate when it comes to the customer surveys

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