Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021!

Hello everyone 👋

Just as you thought all the season's greetings, years-in-review and fingers crossed 🤞-2021-is-better wishes are safely archived...we are sneaking in just one more of those for you. We're saving the best for the last 😉

In this email we wanted to count our blessings, pat everyone's backs for keeping it all together last year, congratulate and celebrate our amazing ❤️ community members, and look ahead to all the good things that this year will inevitably bring. Because as a community - at least when it comes to our professional lives and growth - together we can tackle any challenges thrown our way. And that's already something.

Alright, time for RECAP. What happened in 2020 in Ops Stories?

  • 29 events organised! That's 15 roundtables, 9 book clubs, 3 socials, 1 panel & 1 workshop, and they were ALL led by YOU!
  • We welcomed 127 new members to the community, surpassing the 300 members mark.
  • First ever Ops Stories Compensation Survey got launched (see attached) - thanks to Laura Parker for initiating and leading on it and Michael Strange for his help with data analytics.
  • Ops Stories organising team officially expanded as we welcomed Laura Parker, Penny Penati, Ania Futrzyk and Alex D'Annunzio to our Core Team. You'll see a little Ops Stories badge on Slack next to their names 😉
  • We kicked off Board meetings so that we can regularly get your honest feedback and advice and build a great community together, with you. We'd love to have you for the next one - let us know if you're in. Here are the notes for last year's Q3 and Q4.
  • Being part of the Stories brand comes with some fun perks like having a swanky Ops Stories website 🕺💃
  • (We had about 36 more things to celebrate, but as much as we love bullet points, we shouldn't go too crazy too soon in the year 😉)

Our heart 💌 and special thanks go to:

  • YOU, without whom we wouldn’t be where we are. Thanks for being so involved, for asking questions and helping your peers to find answers, for connecting with one another, for referring new members to help the community grow, and for participating in our events. We really appreciate your wisdom, vulnerability and contribution. 🙇
  • Everyone who initiated, organised and hosted Ops Stories events. We wanted to mention your names here but the list is very long and so it lives here 🙏  A special mention goes to Imran Chagpar for initiating our first ever workshop and encouraging us to add another event format to Ops Stories ⭐
  • Our Core Team who are leading on their respective projects: Penny on blog, Ania on Customer Operations, Laura on the Book Club and Compensation Survey, and Alex who's just joined the team and will take over the Compensation Survey this year ☺️
  • Our Stories friends for all the collaboration and new initiatives: People Stories (kicked off by our own Marie Krebs) and Mentor Stories (kicked off by COO Stories) 🙌 as well as COOhort whom we collaborated with for the "So you want to be a COO?" panel earlier this year.

2021 here we come! A sneak peak! 👀 This year we will...

  • Keep up the events: roundtables, book clubs, workshops and of course, networking & socials 🥳
  • Aim to create closer connections between community members by a number of initiatives. We'll revive 1-2-1 ☕️ matching, and will also be trialling "pods" so you can connect with one another in smaller and more relevant groups (e.g. by industry, background, experience, career aspirations, business model, etc.) We'll need your input on this so let us know what would be useful for you to have!
  • Move our wiki to Notion (did you know we had a wiki? 🤯) to centralise all the event notes, start creating a knowledge base, and build a member directory (don't worry, we won't publish any of your personal details without asking for your permission).
  • Keep running Board meetings so that we all build Ops Stories to what we want it to be 🤝

Still with us? We'd like to ask you something 🙏

We thought long and hard about running Ops Stories survey...and after a lot of back and forth, we decided that whilst we might do it in the spring to get more direction from you, what we'd really love is for you to respond to this email and tell us three things (in as many or as few words as you'd like)...

  1. How did Ops Stories provide value to you last year? Did the community meet your expectations and why / why not?
  2. How can we improve it for you? What would you like it to be more of / less of?
  3. Is Ops Stories still relevant to you?

Once again - thank you everyone, and welcome to 2021. We wish you a productive and hopeful year ahead! 💪 💖


Astrid & Aušrinė