Ops Stories: Board Meeting Report Q4 2020

Ops Stories: Board Meeting Report Q4 2020

This report is a brief recap of the things we discussed in our Board Meeting. We wanted to share the most important topics and make some announcements.

Why organise a quarterly board meeting? 

As organisers, we have a vision for Ops Stories, but sometimes we need a hand. As much as we know why we created Ops Stories and where we'd love to see it going, being to close to it daily sometimes makes it hard to see the bigger picture.

These board meetings allows us to bring clarity to our objectives and how to achieve them. We get the opportunity to ask questions, get honest feedback and help set targets for the next quarter.

Our number one priority is that Ops Stories is valuable to each and every of its members. There are many ways to create value, such as organising roundtable discussions, supporting members' projects, or ensuring that every new member we welcome is the right fit. Everyone can have great ideas, but as we all know, it's about being able to prioritise and execute them. Therefore having support on this quest means a lot to us.


  • Astrid Verstraete (Organiser)
  • Aušrinė Keršanskaitė (Organiser)
  • Alex D'Annunzio (Core Team)
  • Laura Parker (Core Team)
  • Michael Strange (Guest)
  • Nicholas Bushy (Guest)
  • Oskar Kelliher (Guest)
  • Sarah Touzani (Guest)


Laura Parker has done an incredible job initiating and running the first Ops Stories Compensation Survey earlier this year 🙌. However, having recently stepped into a new Product role, her plate is full. Whilst Laura will continue running Ops Stories Book Club, she offered Ops Stories Compensation Survey project up for grabs.

Some people with an eye for detail may have already noticed that Alex D'Annunzio has received the Core Team badge (Ops Stories logo next to his name on Slack). He has already committed to take over the Compensation Survey from Laura Parker for 2021. In light of this pandemic and an article published by Sifted, will we already see damage done on expected salaries or will it be a delayed effect? On top of that, Alex is a bit of a Notion wiz and might be helping us with a top secret project 😏


Alex D'Annunzio Ops Stories has given me so much over the past few years. This group of like minded people, who are helpful and are ‘good eggs’ is a place of solace when things aren’t going the way they need to be... The value of the community has helped me out on many occasions for advice or just to chew the fat. The challenge is I can’t always find the right person to talk to. So, I’m often pestering Ausrine, Astrid, Penny or Laura :see_no_evil:to point me in the right direction. To solve this, I’m going to work on a project make it easier to seek out the right Ops souls. I’ll also be picking up where Laura and Michael Strange left off with the Ops compensation survey as we want to continue to run this and start benchmarking the data. Expect a feedback survey first so we can tailor it for your needs!


Our Core Team members are people who have committed to a longer term and more substantial project within Ops Stories. You will recognise them on Slack from the Ops Stories logo emoji next to their names. Their initiatives will be endorsed by Ops Stories, and we hope that we can count on your cooperation too when they ask for your help, e.g. to participate in a survey or answer some questions.

Our Board at the moment is made up of our Core Team and guests who have volunteered to join us by responding to the email we sent to the community a few months ago. The guests' seats are not permanent and will change every quarter, but we always welcome the Board guests who have joined us in the past quarter. We might look into forming a more permanent Board sometime next year.

What did we commit to last time?

Things we committed to in our previous board update

  • We were going to give more exposure to our Core Team members
  • We were going to invite other people to our quarterly meetings so that we avoid creating an echo chamber

Other things we did in Q3

  • We told the community about our board meetings, did some work on giving the Core Team visibility within the organisation and invited a few guests to our 2020 Q4 meeting
  • 4 Events (roundtables & book clubs) - led by Nicholas Bushby, Sarah Touzani (x2), and Alexis Poole
  • 1 Social - using the new Icebreaker tool
  • The website went live
  • We finally have #random Slack Channel
  • We started putting together the member survey

What is our next priority?

The things that we want to do before the 2020 ends are

  • Organise a great social that people really want to join ( 🎟️ Save your space following this link 🎟️ )
  • Send out the first Member Survey to learn how can we deliver more value to all community members in 2021
  • Create a better wiki and knowledge base for our members

Other things we discussed

  • Book Club
    • How can we improve Ops Stories Book Club so that it adds more value to the people attending but also the people who may have to miss that event? This will be further discussed with Laura, any changes made will be for 2021. For 2020, the Book Club will remain the same.
  • Blog
    • The main commentary was that we could publicise the blog and any newly published articles more as now member don't know about it or don't know when new posts are added.
  • Customer Ops
    • Sarah Touzani has committed to help Ania out in scoping what needs to happen for Customer Ops to be a valuable channel within Ops Stories.
    • We need to start with defining Customer Operations. Customer Stories community has some related content, however more is needed to paint a fuller picture, especially within the context of Ops Stories.
    • There will be a survey coming your way to better understand the community's needs around this topic.
  • Ops Stories's info and knowledge currently live in silos. Aside from that, our purpose and values as a community live in a wiki that nobody knows about. There's also no clear code of conduct.
    • How can people flag inappropriate behaviour such as people who use the community for commercial reasons?
    • How can we ensure that all the knowledge and information shared by everyone is retained/not lost and searchable?
  • How can we discuss Career Development and Mentorship better within Ops Stories?
  • Do we need an Ops Stories Member List?
    • Cons: fear that it might be misused for sales purposes; hard to keep it evergreen
    • Pros: easier member discovery and 1:1 connections
  • Creating a Clear Roadmap for all our members to know what's coming next in Ops Stories.

Practical Info


We always ❤️ to hear from you.

This is also the reason why we started board meetings and decided to share what we discussed. Your opinions, feedback and suggestions really matter to us. So please don't ever hesitate to send us an email or DM and and address anything you'd like that come up in one of these meetings, or is on your mind in general.

Rest assured, we'll also be asking you to give your opinion on some of the above via our Member Survey before the end of the year.

We promise that no major changes will happen without your knowledge, and no Members List or personal details will be made available to the community without your individual and explicit consent.

Want to get involved?

  • SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK with us at any time of the day or night. It is incredibly precious to us and we want to hear from you.
  • ORGANISE SOMETHING for Ops Stories members. Be it a new project like the Book Club, Blog or Compensation Survey; a roundtable or workshop; or anything else that you might think of!
  • JOIN OUR NEXT BOARD MEETING as a guest. It will require some prep work and involvement on your end, but we would love to expand the number of voices in our meeting.