Blog Post cheat Sheet

(By Victoria Lloyd)

So you want to write something about your job in Operations. First of all, yay! We love that you want to contribute further to the Ops Stories Community.

Now, we can all link to the latest productivity tool or send over the number for that bad-ass lawyer who helped you in a pinch. But what really breeds growth and can help someone through a sticky point is sharing your own experiences. And if you’re reading this, sounds like you’re ready to do just that.

Don’t forget, this is an exercise that benefits you too! Flexing our creative muscles makes us better problem solvers, empowers us and reflecting on past experiences can give us some great insight that we might not have caught the first time around.


Tips and tricks for putting together that post:

  • Starting there’s nothing more intimidating than a blank word document. At least that annoying paper clip from Windows XP isn’t here. We often put off starting because we don’t want to be bad at something. Chances are as an Ops professional, you’re a fast learner, capable and usually right on top of things. It can be a bit unnerving being out of your comfort zone! Try making some stream of consciousness notes about your chosen topic to get your creative juices flowing and your ideas down. It doesn’t have to make sense yet. Try splurging out whatever half-baked idea you have and see what comes up. Just. Start.
  • Don’t be afraid for your first version to suck your first draft will probably not be that great. It’s ok! Focus on getting out everything you want to say first off. Cover all the ground you think is necessary and go back to edit, edit, EDIT. Ask a friend you trust to cast their eyes over it or Vic, our blog editor, can always give it a final proofread. It will never be perfect but it can be finished!
  • Be a little vulnerable there’s nothing to learn from a perfect person who did things right every step of the way ;) We’re not asking for anything you don’t feel comfortable sharing but can you share a moment when you learned a lesson the hard way? A time where you may have messed up but learned a lot? A fear that you had about your job that turned out not to be so bad?
  • Keep it to 1000 words max we love that you have a lot to say but save it for the meetup and keep your posts under the max limit :)
  • Ask yourself if you’re staying focused on the lessons. The most helpful posts will cover something people can really learn from. Are you focused on the key takeaways or greater understandings about Operations? Can you add more of this in so it’s useful to someone not in your particular circumstances?

Stuck for ideas? Try some of these points for inspiration:

  • Was there a time I f**ked up, but learned a lot from it?
  • How did you cope with big changes, growth or scaling back in your team? What did you learn? How did this process unfold? What was your ‘aha!’ moment?
  • What do you actually do in your job? How did you get there? What skills and experiences make you great at it? What qualities have you cultivated that could help others?
  • What have you noticed about Operations roles? Is it a certain kind of person who works well there? Maybe all your different roles have had one fundamental thing in common? Why is this a good job to have? What do you love about it?
  • What would you want to say to the green, eager and slightly daunted you taking on their first ever Operations role? Imagine you’re mentoring a younger version of you.
  • How do you navigate your position in your business? What’s your relationship like to your team, founders and other stakeholders? Has this changed? How did you cope? How can someone else navigate this experience based on what you did?
  • What’s your ‘why’ for doing the job you do? Are you passionate about your mission? How does your role fit into delivering your companies mission and values?

Wrote it? Awesome! Here's how to post in Ops Stories blog:

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